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Tourist Information Centre of Tukums
Talsu Street 5, Tukums LV-3101 Latvia
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It is the right time to come
over to Tukums!
If you must choose where to go on a holiday or simply to relax from the busy rush of the city life, why not leave your heart down in Tukums town?
        There is plenty to see and do, both – for the grown-ups and children. Castles and manors, churches and manors to visit and to understand history better, parks and trails to walk and learn about nature, lakes for fishing, movie-shooting location underneath the clear sky with real movie props and perhaps be lucky and participate in shooting a movie, farmer’s goods for getting to know the countryside living and treating your stomach with great-tasting treats, and more, more, more.
        For bigger or smaller circles of friends, families, and also for the loners, accommodation is available, as well as saunas for keeping the fun spirits or enjoying silence. Active recreation is possible to such a crazy manner that the wind plays with your hair, when riding quads or rodeli, going on boat yacht trips. Presence of the medieval ambience is palpable when trying out your skills in use of weapons that are several centuries old. But for some urban alpinism or playing war at the paintball fields might seem very exciting? And then there is the possibility to go skiing or snowboarding during winter on the skiing hills of the area!
The places here once acquainted with you will remember forever.
So – it is the right time to come over to Tukums!

Rose Festival in Tukums!

If you have a desire to spend time in a crowd in order to receive a festive feeling, then Tukums invites you to visit it in the middle of the summer – July 15th  – 17th. Why? Because again, we will celebrate Rose Festival. Here, adults and children, those who love flowers and nature as a whole, who loves to party and those who adore retro auto and air shows, will definitely find something to fulfill their hearts. And as it has been already each year, in the Tukums center, each and every one will be able to take a part in creating the biggest rose crown (but you must remember - take with you one or better more rose flowers). But if you are getting ready for the festival a while before, then you can participate in the crazy ride “Rožu vāģis”(Rose car). But if you just want to enjoy the magic of the roses and other flowers, then you can visit special florist exhibitions that will be created specially for the Rose Festival. But at the same time, you can enjoy the country side, by having a picnic in rose garden “Rozītes”, that it is located near Tukums. The program of the festival can be viewed here.

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The mobile application Visit Tukums, developed by the Tourism Information Centre of Tukums, is available for all smartphone users free of charge. On Visit Tukums you can find information about tourist attractions, available activities and accommodations with precise locations shown on the map, information about upcoming events and exhibitions, as well as other useful information to travellers. Tourist routes for every liking are also available on the application to make travelling around Tukums more interesting. The application is available in Latvian, English and Lithuanian.

Android version is available for download on Play Store and here. iOS version is available for download on App Store and here.

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